DJ Yash is Here With Four Original Tracks. All you need to about his upcoming projects

DJ Yash is a popular name among music lovers. His unwavering love for EDM and devotion to music have increased his popularity across India. He is a renowned Punjabi music producer, who has created countless tracks with a touch of electronic music culture. Apart from being a music producer, he is mainly responsible for selecting, mixing, and sequencing a song.

He plans to do more live events across India in the coming days. DJ Yash has asserted that he has a “lot of surprises” for music lovers. The singer also said he is working with talented actors on some new tracks that will be released in the coming days.

He is one of the most renowned DJs in the music industry, DJ R YASH has released 13 remix albums and created four original tracks. Within a short period, his music has been praised by fans and companions alike. DJ R YASH is renowned for his scintillating mix of Bollywood, Punjabi, and Hip-Hop songs that have received high praise across the globe.

Among the many other releases, he has worked on songs like Manzil, Zindagi Mili Hai, and Badmaash Look. DJ Yash has gained a tremendous fan following by mixing Bollywood music with English and Punjabi songs. He has more than 16000 followers on Instagram.

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